replace FEP Film Anycubic Mono SE

When you use a SLA printer you will be forced to replace your FEP-Film after a while, the FEP film will wear out. It is not a difficult process, but it takes time and you need to make sure you follow the correct process. As I needed to replace my FEP film on my Anycubic Mono SE after a print failing, I thought it might be useful to document the process.

Oh no…. Neptune print problems.

First I thought the support might be the problem, but this is not that different from my other prints which printed fine. So there had to be an other problem. And in this case the FEP-film was to worn out.

Small bulge of about 5mm in size and very clear wear in the center of the FEP-film.

So only option, replace the FEP-Film.

Replacing is easy, but make sure you clean out the Resin first. And find a space which is free of dust etc. As the new FEP-film will be electrostatic and I really hate the dust sticking to the film.

Place the empty vat in front of you, bottom up. And remove the 8 black allen screws. Go around and make sure you first loosen the screws a bit. Go around evenly loosening the FEP-Film holder.

Now remove the FEP-film holder from the resin vat tank. And remove the smaller allen screws. Again go around evenly, first loosening the screws.

Turn over the top part of the FEP-film holder and the FEP-film should be easily removed.

The old FEP-film. Clearly visible the wear on the film.

Before you continue, best to clean the film-holder and resin vat using IPA. And then place the first part of the film-holder in front of you. I usually raise it, to prevent the new FEP-film touching the paper-towel. As said, the FEP-film will pick up dust etc. So some space might prevent that a bit.

Remove the FEP-film from the package and DO NOT FORGET to remove the protection film from the FEP-film. Both sides !! It is fine to hold the FEP-film at a corner, as that will be cut-off in the process.

And finally place the FEP-film on the holder.

Add the out part of the film-holder on top.

Now just start to put the screws back in. You might need to push a bit, as each screw will need to punch through the FEP-film. Make sure you first add all the screws before you tighten the screws.

Add all the screws and evenly from opposite sides tighten all the screws.

Now you can cut the excess FEP-film with a sharp hobby-knife. You might also want to check to opposite side of the FEP-film holder for small pieces of FEP-film which might have been pushed out by the screws. Remove the small FEP-film parts if possible.

Now we prepare the resin vat tank. First clean it as much as possible, in some cases there might be a small amount of cured resin on the inner edge. We want that edge as clean and smooth as possible as it will be used to get tension in the FEP-film.

Place the FEP-film holder on the resin vat tank as shown. Put in the allen screws and evenly screw the FEP-film holder in place. Take your time and go around from side to side. Make sure you build up the tension in the FEP-film as evenly as possible. Again, you will need to push the screws through the FEP-film, so you might need some force to get the screws in.

That’s it. Happy printing.

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