Dutch WW2 3D-model desings

This page offers an overview of most of the Dutch WW2 (1940) Armoured Cars, Anti-aircraft guns, Artillery, Kazematten and some other smaller things used. All the models designed and printed by myself. All models are as historical correct as possible, based on original drawings and in many cases loads of photo’s.

The design is mostly done in Blender and the models have been printed in either resin or PLA. Scale used is always 1:100 (15 mm wargaming). I am not that fast in painting, so most models I still need to finalize for the wargaming table. Neiher do I have pictures of all models, as those I have printed but for wargaming friends and not for myself.

Some of my ship-models I sell on cgtrader, search for smitae and you should see my models. In the future I hope to have other options also.

Dutch WW2 bunkers/Kazematten

My very first designs, Dutch bunkers or Kazematten. These needs to be placed on bases, so I printed them without the bottom-plate.

FoW base and a S-kazemat

Zwolle IJssel defences

A combination of kazematten defending the road- and rail-bridges crossing the IJssel river near Zwolle and Hattem. The models have the correct interior setup and also includes the MG’s and 5cm Guns.

Kazemat weapons

A 5 cm gun and Schwasrzlose MG was used in the Kazematten. Printed in Resin 0.05 mm layer, almost on the limit of my Anycubic Mono SE. The MG can also be used to create you own Dutch HMG teams.

Armoured cars

The Dutch had a number of Armoured cars avaialbe in 1940 and I did the design for the less known types as those are not availabe as models.

Lloyd-Tankette. Not an AFC, but a small tracked vehicle, three availabe in 1940.


The Dutch had a mix of modern and older guns available, for now I have designed the older models. As I did not yet needed the modern guns for my own EW army yet. I had some good proxy models I can use.

Anti Aircraft Artillery

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