Modelling the AMS60

— IN PROGRESS — This article gives an overview how to build a model of an AMS60 minesweeper as used by the Dutch Navy, the model has been created on the request of the team supporting and maintaining the AMS ms Bernisse. It has been designed as a 1/100 scale model (44 cm long model) […]

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3D print Pont de la Barquette

Simple design of the locks near hells corner, Pont de la Barquette, Carentan. I did not add the stone-structure to the walls. The model was created on request of a wargaming friend and I printed the whole model in 1:100 scale. Large parts are printed with PLA, but the lock doors are printed on a […]

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Allied Landing Craft WW2

This blog will provide an overview of the 3D-models I created and printed in 1:100 scale (15mm wargaming). All are waterline models, specifily desigen for the wargaming table. So some parts are a bit stronger, like the railing, to make sure the model will survive the wargaming table. All the 3D-print-files in this Blog you […]

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Dutch WW2 3D-model desings

This page offers an overview of most of the Dutch WW2 (1940) Armoured Cars, Anti-aircraft guns, Artillery, Kazematten and some other smaller things used. All the models designed and printed by myself. All models are as historical correct as possible, based on original drawings and in many cases loads of photo’s. The design is mostly […]

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How to 3D-print – part 2

In December 2020 I decided to get myself a Resin printer next to my FDM printer. I have been using a Creality Ender 5 for 1 year, which worked fine and delivered great prints in the quality I needed for Wargaming and the larger parts for modelship building. But at 1/100 or even 1/350 scale […]

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How to 3D-print model-ships

I like miniature wargaming and also like to build models. And for me the 3D printer is changing my world of wargaming and modelling. You can still buy your models and you should to support the game developers. You can also buy your ship models in many different sizes and scale, that is easy and […]

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Node-RED and handling Sensor Data

In 2 former Blog posts I explained how to install Node-RED and how I used TinkerForge components to receive environment data from a WeatherStation and store that in simple txt-fliles. In this post I will show how to read data from text-files and store the data in the correct format in a time series Database […]

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