Allied Landing Craft WW2

This blog will provide an overview of the 3D-models I created and printed in 1:100 scale (15mm wargaming). All are waterline models, specifily desigen for the wargaming table. So some parts are a bit stronger, like the railing, to make sure the model will survive the wargaming table.

All the 3D-print-files in this Blog you can find on cgtrader. When you buy the files you can print the models yourself. At the bottom of this page you can find the links to the files.

Landing Craft infantry


Landing Craft Tank Mk2 and Mk3 are almost identical. There is a small difference in the tank-deck layout and the Mk3 is considerable longer.

LCT Mk3 test-print not yet re

The LCT Mk5 has a number of options. Two types of Anchor winches and three different wheel-houses.

Links to the models on cgrtrader.

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